Device against cervical cancer

Innovative device created to fight cervical uterine cancer

The device, called Preventix, which has already been patented in 153 countries, consists of the detection of biomarkers in the blood that only appear in the presence of cancer or lesions in the cervix.

The development of Preventix was carried out by Mexican researchers led by Alberto Checa Rojas and was financed mainly by contributions from women.

“We are a small laboratory, but we are working on innovations that do not necessarily interest large laboratories. The development of Preventix has basically been financed with our own resources, with contributions from family and friends, mainly women, who are interested in health.”

Mercedes Gutiérrez Smith, CEO ATSO Pharma

He indicated that the cost of the device will be only a quarter of the traditional methods used for cervical cancer screening, in addition to the fact that it does not require additional infrastructure for its implementation or medical personnel to perform it, which further reduces its costs compared to other screening methods.